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Amplificator Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q

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Amplificator Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q

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Amplificator Lab.gruppen PLM 20000Q


For forward-thinking rental companies and high-end installation designers, the key benefits of the PLM™ Series include:

    * Optimum sound for greater audience (and client) satisfaction
    * Better inventory utilization for reduced operating costs
    * Faster set-up to meet tight touring schedules and installation deadlines
    * A higher level of reliability through reduced errors and intelligent preventive maintenance
    * A greater long-term return on your investment
    * All of these benefits are accompanied by the audio quality and controllability that’s expected of two of the industry’s leading audio innovators: Lab.gruppen and Lake®

For assured reliability, all PLM Series products are built and tested – with meticulous attention to detail – exclusively by Lab.gruppen in Sweden.

PLM: Combining proven and new Lake Processor technology

    * Raised Cosine Equalization
    * Linear phase and classical crossovers
    * LimiterMax™ loudspeaker protection
    * Iso-Float™ ground isolation
    * Super Module capability
    * Via the Lake Analyzer Bridge, parallel operation of the SmaartLive™ 5 and Live-Capture frequency measurement and analysis systems
    * Analog and AES digital inputs with loop-thru outputs
    * Subsystem files

PLM: Incorporating established Lab.gruppen amplifier technology:

    * 2U chassis for extraordinary power density
    * High output with minimum weight: PLM 10000Q, 13 kg (29 lbs); PLM 14000, 13.5 kg (30 lbs); PLM 20000Q, 17 kg (37 lbs)
    * Class TD® output stage
    * Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™) – Universal (100 – 240 V) on PLM 20000Q
    * Power Average Limiter (PAL)
    * Copper-finned Intercooler® with transverse-mounted output devices
    * Full suite of protection and fault monitoring features

PLM: Introducing unique new Lab.gruppen features

    * Comprehensive loudspeaker preset database
    * LoadLibrary™ load “Fingerprint” (loudspeaker identity and characteristics)
    * Comprehensive LoadSmart™ load verification and SpeakerSafe™ continuous loudspeaker performance monitoring
    * Fully compatible with Dante™ low-latency digital networking
    * Fully compatible with Lake LM 26, Dolby Lake Processor, Lake Contour™, and Lake Mesa Quad and Parametric EQ™ devices
    * Primary and secondary network connections (for different topologies)
    * Digitally controlled “amplifier gain” adjustable in 0.1 dB steps from 20 to 44 dB
    * Digital output attenuation in 0.25 dB steps from – inf to 0 dB
    * Binding post or Neutrik® speakON® “embedded patch panel” output connectors
    * Digitally implemented, zero-overshoot Inter Sample Voltage Protection Limiting (ISVPL ™) adjustable in 0.1 V steps from 17.8 to 153 V (to 193 V PLM 14000 and 194 V PLM 20000Q)
    * Universal (100 – 240 V) Regulated Switch Mode Power Supply (R.SMPS™) works anywhere in the world – PLM 20000Q only
    * Under-Voltage Limiting (UVL™) enables continued operation with mains voltage sags as low as 65 V – PLM 20000Q only
    * Breaker Emulation Limiter (BEL™) – PLM 20000Q only
    * High-brightness front-panel LCD display
    * Silicone touchpad for front-panel display mode selection and menu navigation

Powered Loudspeaker Management™ has clear advantages over conventional amplifier / processing / system control solutions when it comes to both sonic performance and ease of use. Even better, over the long run, it will amply reward users concerned with the realities of running a business.

Initial Cost Analysis

In terms of initial investment, systems based on Powered Loudspeaker Management compare favorably with those employing separate power amplification, signal distribution, and system drive processing. Furthermore, after factoring in smaller equipment racks, less wiring, and reduced labor time for system configuration, the initial investment figures for the PLM Series become even more impressive.

Even better, the cumulative savings continue to accrue after your PLM Series units are put into service.

Touring: Reduced Operating Expenses

The PLM Series is designed for the realities of touring sound, where time, size and weight are money. It’s a business where inadvertent errors — often committed in haste — can prove costly, and where equipment sitting idle in the warehouse shrinks the return on investment.

The PLM Series reins in operating costs across the board:

    * High power density reduces rack size and weight, which in turn reduces labor and transport costs
    * Inventory utilization is maximized: one rack can be reconfigured for any FOH array or monitor application with a click on a preset button.
    * Loads can be verified with LoadSmart™ in seconds, saving time and pinpointing possible wiring errors – ensuring what’s connected is what should be
    * SpeakerSafe™ provides detailed, critical information about system-wide driver performance
    * IsoFloat™ ground isolation saves time chasing down ground loops
    * Dante™ self-configuring digital audio networking saves time in initial setup, and saves on transport and labor costs compared to conventional copper snakes

Installation: Space- and Labor-saving Innovations

The PLM Series simplifies system design, saves rack space, and makes the entire commissioning process faster and more accurate. With built-in Dante digital audio capability, the PLM Series plugs straight into today’s new generation of fully networked performance venues – often eliminating the need for dedicated wiring. The venue owner accrues additional savings over the lifetime of the system as PLM’s advanced load verification features allow timely and accurate preventive maintenance.

Leveraging a Prior Lab.gruppen Investment

Customers planning to replace existing Lab.gruppen amplifiers (as well as conventional processing and drive systems) with PLM Series may be surprised by the high residual value of their prior investment. Lab.gruppen amplifiers are in high demand worldwide, and Lab.gruppen will assist you in selling your existing inventory through the Certified Pre-Owned Program.

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