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Amplificator Powersoft K4

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Amplificator Powersoft K4

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Disponibilitate: In stoc



Amplificator Powersoft K4


    * Advanced switch-mode worldwide operating power supply technology for high performance and compact size
    * Power Factor Correction PFC for extremely low mains consumption and extremely wide mains operating range
    * Variable speed fan for low noise
    * Low Inrush Limiting reduces AC inrush current, removing the need for expensive power sequencers
    * XLR female / 6.3mm Jack Neutrik style input connectors with link capability
    * Built-in defeatable Clip limiters for each channel
    * LCD matrix interactive display
    * Digital gain-attenuator control
    * User selectable maximum output power for each channel
    * User selectable maximum mains current draw
    * Comprehensive-user friendly front panel display menu
    * Fully protected circuitry design including DC, infrasonic, high frequency, thermal overload and short circuit
    * Temperature forecast with LCD traced historical behaviour
    * Downloadable log file of functional fault events with time related trace
    * Load impedance measurement / display for each channel
    * Output power measurements / display for each channel
    * Mains voltage and current measurements / display
    * Defeatable gate selection for each channel
    * Gain/sensitivity user selection capability
    * Hardware monitor available for fast local diagnostic
    * Fixed frequency switchmode output stage for high grade sound accuracy
    * Compact size - all models only 1 RU for reduced rack cost and space
    * Light weight - all models only 12 kg (26 pounds) for easier racking and shipping
    * Built in Remote Control ( RS 485 interface ) for full diagnostic, operational setting and system monitoring
    * Smart Card settings , parameters and upgrades functionality
    * Lockable set-up by user selectable access key code
    * DSP option capability
    * Ethernet option capability

Protections circuitry

DC protection: protects against infrasonic signals

VHF protection: protects the loudspeakers against strong very high frequency non-musical signals above the audible range.

Thermal protection: prevents the amplifier from being overheated. The protection indicators on the front panel are switched on, as a warning, before the protection process is initiated.

AC protection: shuts down the power supply if the line voltage is outside the operating voltage.

Clip limiter: prevents severely clipped waveforms from reaching the loudspeakers, whilst maintaining full peak power.


Power requirements    AC:95 - 265V (50/60Hz)
Power factor cos(fi)    More than 0.95 from 200 W to full power
Operating temperature    O°C / + 45° C
Weigth    12 Kg
External dimensions    Standard rack 19", 1 unit ( H ), 475 mm ( D )
Consumption average    2300 VA ( K10 @ 1/8 maximum output power)

Audio section

Bandwith ( 1 W, 8 ohm )    5Hz – 30KHz
Damping factor ( 8 ohm )    >5000 (20Hz-200Hz)
Slew rate ( 8 ohm )    50V /uS ( input filter bypassed )
S/ N ratio A-Weighted 20Hz-20KHz    > 112dB (K20), >110dB (K10), >109dB (K8), >108dB (K6),
Distortion    THD : Max < 0.5% From 0.1W to full power (tipically < 0.05%)
Intermodulation SMPTE    Max < 0.5% From 0.1W to full power (tipically < 0.05%)
Intermodulation DIM 30    Max < 0.5% From 0.1W to full power (tipically < 0.05%)
Input    Balanced to ground , XLR female combo jack 6.3 mm
Impedance    10 Kohm each leg, electronically balanced to ground
Gain/ Sensitivity    26dB; 29dB; 32dB; 35dB user selectable
Output    High current Neutrik 4-pole Speakon connectors ( pins 1+ 2+ paralleled, 1-2-paralleled)

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