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JB Systems USB 1.1Mk2

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JB Systems USB 1.1Mk2

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1.306,00 RON

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JB Systems


USB 1.1MK2 cd/mp3 player


  • The ultimate tool for bars, dance schools, studios, shops but also for DJs, plays: Audio-CDs, but also CDs and USB-mass storage (USB-stick or hard drive) containing MP3 and WAV-files!
  • The alphanumeric LCD display supports ID3V2 tags (song title, artist, album, genre & bitrate)
  • Full MP3 Playback, supports both CBR and VBR bitrate modes.
  • Full featured database lookup system: lightning fast selection of the desired tracks while the previous song is still playing!
  • You can search on title, artist, genre, album or simply based on tracks/folders!
  • Free Windows Track-Indexer software available via download!
  • Jog wheel for pitch bending and precise 1/75sec frame search, also on MP3
  • Improved “smart random" function with 2 different modes:
  •        TOTAL random: plays tracks, randomly selected from the complete USB-mass storage
           SMART random:plays only tracks with certain genre or from a certain artist or album (avoids mix-up of 2 completely different music styles: perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, …)
  • IR-remote with loop, speed control, track search/select, volume, …: perfect for dance schools!
  • Balanced XLR-outputs + traditional RCA/cinch outputs.
  • Recording function: CDs can be recorded in high quality MP3 to USB-storage (up to 320kbps) .
  • Anti-shock Memory 20 seconds on CD, 100% anti-shock on USB-mass storage
  • Seamless loop (IN/OUT/RELOOP) with stutter & real-time loop edit function
  • Key Lock (Master tempo)
  • Real-time cue (“Cue on the fly")
  • Instant start & auto cue function (-48dB)
  • Pitch ranges: +/-4% +/-8% +/-16%, also on MP3
  • Full automatic beat counters
  • 4 different speed scan
  • Reads CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
  • Selectable elapsed, remain and total remain time display
  • Single/continuous play

  • Technical Information

    Power Supply: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz, USB port: 5Vdc – 0.5A
    Power Consumption: 13W
    Output level (+/-0.5dB @ 1kHz,0dB): CD: 2.0Vrms USB: 2.0Vrms
    Frequency resp. (+/-0.4dB / +/-0.2@0dB): CD: 17-20.000Hz USB: 17-16.000Hz
    THD + noise (@ 1kHz, 0dB): CD: 0.008% USB: 0.007%
    S/N Ratio (@ 1kHz, 0dB (IHF-A weighted): CD: >126dB USB: >85dB
    CD Short access time (next track): <2sec
    CD Long access time (track 1 à 20): <4sec
    CD Electronic tracking: Full automatic digital tracking.
    Possible file extensions: .mp3 ~ .MP3 ~ .mP3 ~ .Mp3
    ISO9660: max. 63 character style
    Joliet: max. 63 character style
    CD-ROM sector format: mode-1 only
    USB file system: FAT 12/16/32
    Max. Hard disk capacity: 500GB
    Max. Folders: CD: 255 USB: 999
    Max. Tracks / Folder: CD: 255 USB: 999
    Max. Files: CD: 999 USB: 9999 (Track Indexer software)
    MPEG1 Layer3 (ISO/IEC11172-3): mono / stereo sampled at: 32 - 44,1 - 48kHz
           Bitrates: 32 – 320 Kbps
           Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate), VBR (Variable Bitrate) or Xing
    MPEG2 Layer3 (ISO/IEC13818-3): mono / stereo sampled at: 16 – 22,05 - 24kHz
           Bitrates: 32 – 160 Kbps
           Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate), VBR (Variable Bitrate) or Xing
    MPEG2,5 Layer3: mono / stereo sampled at: 8 – 11,025 - 12kHz
           Bitrates: 32 – 160 Kbps
            Bitrate modes: CBR (Constant Bitrate), VBR (Variable Bitrate) or Xing
    MPEG1 Layer3 (ISO/IEC11172-3): stereo sampled at: 44,1kHz
           Bitrates: 32 – 320 Kbps
            Bitrate mode: CBR (Constant Bitrate)
    Dimensions: 482mm (19") x 270 x 251mm
    Weight: 4,35kg

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