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Subwoofer activ Montarbo M44A

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Subwoofer activ Montarbo M44A

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Disponibilitate: Stoc epuizat



Subwoofer montarbo M44A


PLM6800 is an innovative "powered loudspeaker controller": the combination of a versatile DSP loudspeaker management controller with 4 Class-D power amplifier, each one delivering up to 1700  W @ 4 ohm, whilst guaranteeing a very high efficiency.
The DSP controller (2 inputs / 4 outputs), that drives the internal power amplifiers, provides all the signal processing functions required for the management, configuration and installation of any type of speaker system, ranging from complex PalcoPlus line-arrays to simple one-way or two-way passive systems,  even in combination with a subwoofer. The 24-bit Sigma-Delta A/D and D/A converters guarantee the maximum audio quality and the powerful 56-bit DSP manages all the signal processing functions on the 4 output channels: limiter, crossover filters, delay and equalization. A large LCD display permit to verify all the system\'s functions, whilst the intuitive control panel allows the selection of the operating preset and the direct control of gain, level, delay and mute of the 4 outputs. The PLM6800™ software program, supplied with the optional LD2.4 USB interface, allows for remote control, with a Personal Computer, of a network of up to 8 PLM6800. The factory default presets may be modified and new "custom" presets may be "built", thanks to the complete programmability of the controller\'s functions:

• PLM6800 incorporates an “intelligent wiring” system, which provides input and output routing and connector switching (both line in/out and power out) according to the operating configuration selected in the processor. The rear panel is fitted with six Speakon® output connectors (two 8-pole and four 4-pole), allowing for rapid cabling of the PalcoPlus components, and also permitting the connection of four full-range or one-way cabinets. This multiple output wiring, which would otherwise seem risky to the speakers if erroneously wired, is made quite safe by the DSP section, which uses internal relays to connect only the correct contacts of the connectors appropriate to the selected preset, disconnecting the unnecessary and otherwise potentially dangerous connections. This same “intelligent wiring” concept is applied to the four XLR3 line output connectors. These outputs can be set to operate as input links or as processed outputs, thereby facilitating the wiring of multiple systems, and systems combining the PLM6800 with traditional, unprocessed amplifiers.

• The mains power connectors are Neutrik PowerCon®, guaranteeing resistance against vibrations and accidental disconnections.
Active Bi-amplified Stage Monitor

M44A is a high-performance self-powered, biamplified stage monitor designed for those requiring higher sound pressure level and greater definition, together with the typical punch of 15" loudspeakers, in this case a neodymium coaxial custom unit with built-in 1,5" HF driver.
Not only does the coaxial design allow for a greater sonic accuracy, but it also makes possible significant space savings on the size of the baffle, for an easier handling also on smaller stages.


• High sound pressure level with maximum definition, absolutely flat frequency and phase responses.

• Low susceptibility to feedback. Excellent intelligibility, no distortion or coloration.

• 129 dB max SPL.

• 2 class AB MosFet power amplifiers deliver a total output power of
500 W (LF 350 W, HF 150 W).

• 2 indipendent dedicated dynamic processors.

• Active cross-over filter (24 dB/oct Linkwitz-Riley, 1000 Hz).

• Specially designed coaxial unit: 15” neodymium magnet woofer;
1.5” neodymium compression driver with titanium diaphragm
and 3” voice coil.

• Strong and sturdy cabinet made from high grade phenyl-glued multiply birch and finished with highly resistant antiscratch polyurethane black paint.

• Low turbulence tuning ports.

• Ergonomically designed handle, balanced to the box’s centre of gravity, make transport easier.

• Controls and connections are conveniently placed on one side of the cabinet for increased ease of use.


• M44A has been specially designed to provide elevated sound pressure levels without neglecting any detail of the low-pitched range. It is the perfect solution for drummers and bass players, guaranteeing excellent performance even under the most challenging stage conditions.

• The dual angle cabinet’s profile allows for maximum setup flexibility and helps in optimizing listening, from short or long distances.
• PLM6800 features three separate power supplies, one for the DSP controller section and one for each pair of power amplifiers.
The state-of-the-art power amps are fitted with a full suite of protection circuits to safeguard the amps as well as the connected speaker enclosures. The switched-mode power supplies, with power-factor correction, can operate on mains voltages from 85 to 270 V ac (50/60 Hz).

• PLM6800 is built with heavy-duty, road-ready materials, and features a laser-etched front panel, built from aluminum and stainless steel, which will stand forever against scratches and abrasions. The small (two units) height, the front-to-back cooling system (which allow to install the amplifiers in racks without leaving empty spaces for cooling) and the reduced weight make it possible to assemble small and lightweight amplifiers racks , thus simplifying transportation and installation.

• Two RJ45 connectors provide RS485FD serial interfaces on two RJ45 Ethercon® connectors, for network control using the PLM6800™ software.

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