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Echipamente profesionale de sunet si lumini

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Subwoofer activ Montarbo SW540

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Subwoofer activ Montarbo SW540

Disponibilitate: Stoc epuizat

4.451,49 RON

Disponibilitate: Stoc epuizat



Montarbo SW540


Active Subwoofer

SW540 stands out through the innovative design of the one piece cabinet made from high-density polyethylene. Very sturdy and non-resonant, it ensures enormous advantages in terms of convenience and sound performance. Incredibly easy to set up and operate. Inside it, every single component is already wired and properly chained to the others. Once the crossover divides the signal in two frequency ranges, the upper range is sent to the satellites while the low range drives the loudspeaker through the processor and the amplifier. Deep, powerful sound up to the last watt. No distortions, no breaks-up, no troubles


• High sound pressure level, absolutely flat frequency and phase responses.

• Excellent transient reproduction.

• Extremely low distortion for maximum low-frequency clarity.

• Class AB, Mosfet amplifier delivers a total output power of 550 Watts.

• A dedicated processor protects amplifier and speaker against all overloads optimizing their performance in any situation.

• Built-in STEREO, high slope (24dB octave /120 Hz), electronic crossover for easily integrating the subwoofer with any sound system

• 128 dB max spl.

• 15" extra large displacement woofer, custom-built to Montarbo specifications, capable of standing to extremely high power level.

• SW540’s cabinet is made from high-density polyethylene and fitted with an adaptor for satellite supporting pole SM4 (optional accessory).
It features a steel protection grid and carrying handles for an easy and efficient loading and transport.



• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

• Concert halls

• Theatres

• Clubs, medium sized venues.


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