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Echipamente profesionale de sunet si lumini

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VP-P37.5 Scanbox

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VP-P37.5 Scanbox

Disponibilitate: Stoc epuizat

1.600,15 RON

Disponibilitate: Stoc epuizat



VP-P37.5 Scanbox


  • This scan box is the link between the VP-PC Interface and the VP-P37.5 video panels.
  • The unit is a “black box" which distributes the digital video signals to the different video panels.
  • The following connections and controls are available:
  • - Via the special RJ45 input and up to 120m CAT5 cable the VP-PC Interface will be connected.
  • - Via the RJ45 output you can link several other scan boxes to obtain bigger video walls.
  • - 2 special high grade metal in/out connectors with protective cover for mains voltage
  • - 8 special high grade metal output connectors with protective cover to connect the video panels.
  • - Power LED to indicate that the unit received mains power
  • - Signal LED to indicate that the unit is connected to the VP-PC Interface
  • - Test button: used to generate different test patterns, no need to connect and configure a PC to test your video wall!
  • The scan box can drive up to 10 panels on each of the 8 outputs (total = 80panels), however for increased performance 8 panels per output is preferred (total = 64panels on 1 scan box)
Technical Information

  • Mains input: 230V / 50Hz (metal housing with cover)
  • Signal input: RJ45 (from VP-PC Interface or other scan box)
  • Signal output: RJ45 (to next scan box)
  • Video output: 8pcs (metal housing with cover)
  • Pixel resolution per output:
  • - Max. Horizontal: 160px (10 panels, each with 16pixels)
  • - Preferred Horizontal: 128px (8 panels, each with 16pixels)
  • - Fixed vertical: 128px (8 panels, each with 16pixels)
  • Dimensions: 425x183x57mm
  • Weight: 2,6kg

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